I’m FancyPatrice (Brittany), and I’m a full time soul snatcher, life traveler and motivator.

What I do: I co-host SisterFriends with my friend “KeKe” Kenyatta, where we discuss celebrity drama, answer questions from listeners, and snap on the topics that everyday adults experience. I host a YouTube page that allows me to occasionally to vent about my dating life, typical bullshit of everyday life and race relations and racial identity in American culture without using too many big words.

What I love: making lists, spontaneous adventures, dancing, brunch, not taking myself too seriously, road trips, inspiring quotes, summer, entertaining at my home, being a girl, dreaming big, laughing ’til it hurts, long hugs, inspiring others, elephants, movies, and unexpected moments…among other things.

Most important is my faith in Jesus Christ, which is paramount to everything else.

Contact:  InstagramFacebookTwitter.

Or you can get real personal and add me on SnapChat @fancypatrice.

Review policy and disclaimer.

All reviews or approval of products, services, restaurants, etc. are my own thoughts and opinions. I am always 100% honest and transparent with my feedback of everything I post a review of.

Please also note that I am not an expert in…well, anything. I am not a licensed counselor and/ or life coach. All of the information on my blog is from my own knowledge and experience.