Back At It.

blogging-encouragementI’ve come to the realization lately that I avoid blogging because there is always a laundry list of all of the things I need to catch up on in this space…..




-Sorority Business


And then I get overwhelmed and just end up never blogging.  Unfortunately, that means all the moments happening currently in our lives are getting passed by, undocumented.  And issues arise in our world, culture, and the lives around us that I feel desperate to write about, but there’s this big giant homework pile in my mind staring me in the face, preventing me from ever pressing that first key.

But I am back!! There is still a spot in my heart that longs to write, regardless of what I have going on. With all that said, I will not take a long hiatus again. I will catch you up on my life in new blog post. Thanks for hanging in there readers 🙂


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