26th Birthday Celebration 

September 6, 2016

Birthday’s!!!! Everybody loves them. It is your day out of 365 days to be honored! Friends and family celebrate you for being in their life and bringing joy in so many ways. 

This past year was very trying for me but I think God for another year!! It is truly a blessing because I have lost some friends along the way. 

This year I celebrated by inviting a few of my closest friends to SKYPilates. It was a nice sexy workout that allowed my friends to let loose and kick back. The arieal Pilates required a lot of strength and endurance! We were sore afterwards but it was all worth it. We also celebrated with cupcakes and liquor 😉

Later, we celebrated at a Kate Spade themed Brunch. Heavy hor’doevers were served and laughs were shares. It was truly a reflection of great friendships and family. 

My birthday concluded with the “turnup”! We enjoyed a local night club. We danced the night away! It was an awesome 26th birthday. 


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