IMG_1234I have always struggled with weight. Growing up, I was overweight, but a cute little chunky girl. I was never labeled or treated differently because of my weight, Thank God! Even in school where kids can be so cruel, I guess I could consider myself “in” the popular crowd, so I wasn’t bullied. But I struggled with confidence because of my weight. Until my senior year in High School. I began to find myself and was proud of who Brittany Patrice was becoming. I planned my life and set goals to accomplish. I defined my personality and my confidence grew.  In college, I stayed active by participating in the band. It was very physical so I maintained my weight. My sophomore year, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Yes, at twenty years old I had high blood pressure. My doctor suggested weight loss but as a college student on a college budget my diet wasn’t the best. I can’t blame it all on my finances, I just didn’t want to eat healthy. My friends could eat what they wanted and I was considered the fat one of the crew. It was never a problem because I could move and dress “for a big girl” or I was pretty “for a big girl.” So I continued to unhealthy during my whole collegiate career. It wasn’t until I went through a bad relationship and realized how much weight I put on from date nights, nights I worried about what my ex-boyfriend’s actions, and overall stress. I was 200lbs at 5’0 ft. Major problem!!! So I invested in a fitbit and began to meal prep. In 3 months I lost 30 lbs. In total I have lost 42 lbs. My goal is to live a healthier lifestyle to have a better quality of life. Since I have lost the weight, I think clearer, I have more energy and I overall feel better. Most importantly, I am no longer on high blood pressure medication! In this section of my blog I will share my success and my journey to a healthier Brittany. Please join me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle!


Over the past year I’ve become quite the fan of fitness classes, and they’ve really changed how I feel about exercise. I used to think that I hated exercise, but the truth is that I really just hated going to the gym. Ever since I started taking classes, though, I love to exercise in a way I never realized I could. Not to mention that there are just so many amazing fitness classes at OneLife Fitness. MixxedFit and Body Pump are my ultimate favorites!


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